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Edita Food Industries

A leader in the Egyptian snack food market

Established in 1996, Edita Food industries is one of the leading FMCG companies in Egypt and the Middle East. With more than 6,200 employees and 128 SKUs, Edita holds a leading market share in each of its five segments that span the Egyptian snack food market; a success driven by the company’s reputation for quality and affordability. Under Edita’s production umbrella are a range of high quality products and household brand names that include, Molto, TODO, Bake Rolz, Bake Stix, Mimix, HoHo’s, Twinkies, and Tiger Tail. Edita also acts as the sole regional distributor of several brands of imported olive oils, and pasta.

Our Story


The first generic brand name of packed croissant in Egypt and neighboring countries, now you can enjoy Molto’s delicious sweet and savory croissants and sweet pates from a redesign package with a whole new look! Launched in the late 1990s, Molto introduced & owned a new concept of healthy yet delicious snacking to Egypt.



Edita’s newest and most premium range of cakes. With its sweet taste, variety of offering and sophisticated package, TODO is positioned “as the sweet experience that keeps me going”.

TODO is a brand with 5 different families classified by color, Blue for  layered cake (available now in 3 variants), green for Rolled cake and Mini TODO , navy blue for TODO Bomb, red for TODO Brownies and, light blue for TODO Bar,  pink for TODO Donut, and dark blue to TODO Mini Muffins which is the latest addition for TODO family.


Bake Rolz

A brand with real value offering satisfaction, wellbeing and choice to its consumers. Bake Rolz is baked not fried salty snack, made of 100% wheat. Crunchy in every bite with a rich toasted taste. It is available in 6 flavors of the single-serve pack; Salt, Pizza, Ketchup, Chilli & Lemon, Cheese and Olives and in 3 flavors of the family-serve pack; Salt, Ketchup and Chilli & Lemon.


Bake Stix

With all the satisfaction and well-being offered by Bake Rolz, Bake Stix extends the horizon for choice as it comes in a different shape, texture and 5 unique flavors; Oriental sausages, Oriental spices, BBQ, Salt &Pepper, and Cheese. It is made of 100% wheat and is considered another baked not fried salty snack.



MiMiX is edita’s unique range of confectionaries. Available in four families, Toffee, Candy, Jello and Lollipops. With its wide variety of flavors, types, shapes, colors, and unique ingredients, Mimix adds a burst of craziness to everyday’s life.



The cylindrical, frosted, cream-filled chocolate snack cakes are Edita’s most liked snacks. They have a nice hard chocolately coating, soft and ever-so-sweet chocolate cake and all wrapped around a swirly layer of creamy filling.



Twinkies are golden sponge cake with creamy filling. They give satisfaction with every bite.


Tiger Tail

Golden sponge cake with creamy filling and decorated with raspberry jelly and coconut.



The most premium and most indulging wafer product to ever hit the market. Freska is available in 13 different types with different coatings and different fillings to match all tastes.


Edita offers a wide variety of products, covering each segment of the Egyptian healthy snack food market

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About Edita

Edita is a leading FMCG company in Egypt & the Middle East. The company holds a leading market share in each of its five segments.


News and Events

  • Edita Food Industries Reports 3Q2018 Earnings

    Edita delivers strong results for the quarter with 22.2% year-on-year revenue growth to EGP 1.0 billion driven by higher volumes and improvements in product mix; net profit records a 34.1% year-on-year increase with improved margins compared to the same period of last year.

  • Edita Food Industries Reports 2Q2018 Earnings

    Continued growth in volumes drives Edita’s revenues up 29.0% y-o-y to EGP 789.2 million; improved operating leverage sees EBITDA surge more than twofold with expanding margin; resulting net profit of EGP 25.1 million compared to net loss of EGP 1.7 million recorded in the same period last year.

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"Edita offers a wide variety of brands, covering each segment of the Egyptian healthy snack foods market"