The cylindrical, frosted, cream-filled chocolate snack cakes are Edita’s most liked snacks. They have a nice hard chocolately coating, soft and ever-so-sweet chocolate cake and all wrapped around a swirly layer of creamy filling.


Per 100 g
Protein g 4
Fats g 11
Carbohydrates g 71
Energy K Cal 400

HoHos - Uncoated Chocolate

Per 100 g
Protein g 4.84
Fats g 8.24
Carbohydrates g 64.36
Energy K Cal 350.96

HoHos - Uncoated Strawberry

Per 100 g
Protein g 4.78
Fats g 4.96
Carbohydrates g 64.35
Energy K Cal 321.16