Edita is active across Egypt and has grown a healthy export business in the face of a particularly tough regional climate. With the 2013 acquisition of HTT brands in Egypt, Libya, Jordan and Palestine, Edita greatly expanded its footprint. This was further built on in 2015 with the expansion of Edita’s agreement with HTT to include 12 additional MENA countries, namely Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Under the agreement Edita also acquired the right to manufacture and market 11 other Hostess Brands on a regional basis.

Edita has a footprint in more than 16 countries in the MENA region.The Middle East is the company’s main focus for exports, given its geographical proximity and cultural affinity with Egypt. The company relies on local distributors for the export business and deals with them on a cash-in-advance basis to mitigate the high risk profile of the key export destinations. The company provides considerable support for its distributors in its key export markets (marketing support) and accordingly has been able to garner considerable market share.