Our Competency Framework

Edita adopts a competency-based HR management approach to provide a framework for employees to work within that allows them to align with the organization’s strategic objectives. It also provides set organization-wide standards for promotions and succession planning based on an analysis of each employee’s personal profile and the required competency level of each job.

Our Values

Our values are what propel us forward and what unite us as a team with a clearly defined corporate culture.  At Edita, we strive to make sure our employees exemplify our core values not only in their work but in their day-to-day lives.

Our Core Values


We believe in Mutual Trust, we trust in our people; our biggest asset, and believe in their contribution to the growth of our organization and they in turn trust in our company to develop and nurture their potential to achieve their career goals.


Responsibility towards our stakeholders and community as well as commitment to quality are pivotal to our strategy and operations.


Innovation is what defines and leads us as a company.


Teamwork is core, we believe that the power of “We” is key to achieve our goals.