Our Competency Framework

Edita adopts a competency-based HR management approach to provide a framework for employees to work within that allows them to align with the organization’s strategic objectives. It also provides set organization-wide standards for promotions and succession planning based on an analysis of each employee’s personal profile and the required competency level of each job.

Our Values

Our values are what propel us forward and what unite us as a team with a clearly defined corporate culture.  At Edita, we strive to make sure our employees exemplify our core values not only in their work but in their day-to-day lives.

Our Core Values

Commitment and Passion

  • We focus on solutions, not excuses.
  • We take pride in our achievements and help others meet their goals.
  • We believe loving what you do is the key to growth.

Teamwork and Communication

  • We believe we are stronger, smarter, and more creative as a team.
  • We achieve our goals through cooperation, not competition — the achievements of others inspire us.
  • We communicate face to face, ask questions, and listen to understand before we are understood.


  • We build trust through not just competency, but character.
  • We put stock in our words, speaking in private only what we would say in public.
  • We lead by example and act as the company’s owners by valuing its resources.


  • We aim for 100% success, going the extra mile to not just deliver but exceed expectations.
  • We expect the best of ourselves and each other, challenging ourselves and our colleagues to excel.
  • We view excellence as a journey, not a destination, meaning there is always room for learning and improvement.


  • We see differences as a source of strength, seeking to accept others regardless of background, education, gender, or position.
  • We resolve conflicts by listening before judging, understanding before accusing, and being respectful before demanding respect.
  • We build our professional relationships around mutual appreciation and do not tolerate the abuse of power or authority.