Edita adopts a competency-based HR management approach to provide a common framework for its employees through which they can achieve the organization’s strategic objectives. It also provides common organization-wide standards for promotions and succession planning based on a “best fit” between employees’ personal profile and required competency level for each job. Competencies are integrated into various HR functions, including Performance Management, Training & Development, Compensation & Benefits, Recruitment, Succession Planning and Talent Management.



Ability to provide guidance and feedback to help an employee or group of employees strengthen their knowledge, skills and attitudes to accomplish a task or solve a problem, which in turn improves job performance.


Works cooperatively with others, contributes to and accepts group opinion; and understands that organizational and team goals take priority over individual goals.


Being proactive and taking prompt action to accomplish objectives and achieve goals beyond what is required; regularly creating and taking advantage of learning opportunities.


Adapts to change and different ways of doing things quickly and positively, does not shy away from addressing setbacks or ambiguity, deals effectively with different people and situations and appropriately adapts one’s thinking or approach as the situation changes.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Identifying and understanding issues and problems, using effective approaches for choosing and developing appropriate solutions and taking action that is consistent with available facts, constraints and probable consequences.


Clearly communicating information and ideas to different individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.

Customer Orientation

Identifying and responding to current and future customer needs, resolving customer problems, providing service excellence to internal and external customer through valuing customer satisfaction.


Taking personal responsibility for all work activities and personal actions, implementing decisions that have been agreed upon, and acknowledging mistakes and failures without blaming others.