Your CV is an essential part of the application process as it serves as the first point of contact with the recruiter. First impressions are strong ones, so your CV must be clear, concise, accurate, and factual, paying close attention to detail. Here are some tips to help you get your CV in top shape.

Use a Template

Don’t be afraid to use a CV template online or from your word processing software. These can make your CV is neat and orderly, but don’t forget to

Keep it Simple

Simple is always better, especially for CVs. Make sure to use a clear font that is readable and be sure to keep your formatting consistent throughout the document. To ensure it gets read to the end, it helps to keep your CV as short as possible without compromising details you think are relevant to the job you’re applying.

Details Are Key

Clarify details, especially when it comes to dates of employment, your education and when you attained each degree, and your job titles and descriptions. A list of responsibilities you held for each job is important to help us assess how well you fit the role you’re applying.


Before you send it off, make sure your CV is updated and includes all the information you need the recruiter to know.

Double Check

Check your CV once, then check it again.  A mistake-free CV gives the best impression and shows how detail oriented you are.