Edita’s varied business departments offer opportunities for a range of personalities, skill sets, and expertise. We guarantee that a qualified candidate will find a home with Edita.

Human Resources

At Edita, HR goes beyond managing employees. It makes sure an employee has a fruitful development journey with a clear career progression starting from induction day. These functions are executed through departments like Talent Acquisition, which picks the right people and makes sure onboarding goes smoothly; Operations, which manages all employee rights and documents; Compensation and Benefits, which ensures employees are receiving a fair package; and Training and Development, which makes sure all employees have a development path.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain ensures that the production cycle never stops. It is the chain that links marketing to production and finished goods to sales. It starts when suppliers deliver what we purchase, after which we ensure there is no line stoppage, then finished goods are sent to distribution centers to reach our customers. These functions are completed through the Planning, Purchasing and Logistics departments.

Industrial Operations

For optimal performance in terms of production, Industrial Operations has a clearly defined and efficient role and support functions, which directly affects the output of products served to our customers. It ensures we not only meet customer expectations, but exceed them, which cannot be achieved without the collaboration of continuous improvement, production, engineering, research and development and quality control.

Sales & Distribution

Our Sales team is considered Edita’s right arm. They are the ones responsible for making sure our products are available on the shelves all over Egypt through highly qualified sales representatives. The departments that define and support the sales process are Sales Capability, Sales Planning, Local Sales (Retail and Wholesale) and Exports.


Our Marketing team is the channel through which we speak to customers. They are the people responsible for making our products the market leaders they are today and who ensure we have a competitive edge through brand equity. The division includes the departments of Brand Management, Trade and Shopper Marketing, Marketing Research, and Graphic Design and Creation.

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting is where everything money-related at Edita is funneled.  The team makes sure the company has cost optimization, tracks cash in and out, and periodically analyses the company’s financial position through various functions such as Cost & Stock Control, Financial Planning & Analysis, Legal Affairs, Tax, Treasury & Investment and Information Technology (IT).

Internal Audit & Corporate Governance

This is the department that handles everything related to internal policies and procedures as well and internal audit and governance issues. It is responsible for creating and defining optimization and efficiency processes through the Business Process & Compliance division.

Investor Relations & Corporate Affairs

The Investor Relations & Corporate Affairs team is responsible for communicating the company’s position, be it financial or otherwise, to shareholders and investors with interest in Edita’s shares on the EGX and GDRs on the LSE. They are also the first point of contact between the press and Edita.