Interviews are stressful for many people, but remember that they are one of many tools we use to get to know you. How do we do this? We ask situational questions that try to gauge how you would react and perform under certain circumstances to see how well you’d fit at Edita and the job you’re applying.

Understand the Company and Job

Read up on Edita and what we do and the responsibilities and qualifications needed for the job you’re applying.

Prepare Yourself

Line up your skills, qualifications, and experience and ensure that you can present them confidently. Pay particular attention to the skills that are relevant and valuable to the position you are applying for.

Consider Your Attire

Formal attire not only shows professionalism, but it will boost your confidence during an interview.

Speak Openly

Speak openly and naturally with your interviewer about your experience and qualifications. Remember, what you say is what you want the recruiter to know about you, so tell them everything you think they should know to consider you for the position.

Ask Questions

Prepare a list of all the questions you have in mind about the job or the organization and ask them at the end of the interview. Asking questions shows initiative and that you are interested in the job.