Having captured a leading position in the snack food industry in the region, Edita has built its success on the stock we put in our employees. We recruit and retain some of the best calibers in the region through our unique and extensive set of both monetary and non-monetary benefits and our social responsibility agenda that sees us giving back to the communities in which we do business. As such, we’ve helped jumpstart careers, built them up, and seen them through to full-fledged Edita success stories.

Our Benefits

As an Edita employee, you not only receive a monthly salary compensation, but a full package of benefits as part of our investment in your wellbeing and future.

Monetary Benefits

  • Health Care: We offer medical insurance with a top notch insurance company with high coverage at a low employee monetary contribution from the very first day on the job.
  • Life Insurance: Edita offers life insurance in the unfortunate event of an employee’s death.
  • Thirteenth Month Salary: A payment equivalent to one full monthly salary is paid in two instalments before
  • Profit Sharing: Employees receive a share of profits based on the company’s performance.
  • Car Ownership (For Managers): We offer senior managers the ability to purchase a car in instalments over five years or a monthly car allowance.

Non-monetary Benefits

  • Internal Events:One of Edita’s key objectives is to maintain engagement and morale. As such, we celebrate a variety of holidays, such as Ramadan and Christmas, together with holding events and campaigns as a team.
  • Offers: We offer special discounts and offers at restaurants, retail stores, banks, fitness centers and gyms, and more.
  • Training: We provide training sessions in numerous business aspects and hold a monthly awareness event named “Nos El Donya El Helw” that hosts public speakers who discuss topics of interest.
  • Job Rotation and Internal Hiring:We want employees to have agency in their career trajectory. That’s why the Talent Acquisition Team offers different programs that allow employees to experience the breadth of Edita job functions. The team offers both temporary job rotations or makes arrangements for employees to embark on a move within the organization.
  • Succession Planning: Retaining our highly potential employees is very important to us, as is fostering career development that allows our employees to be promoted within the organization. That’s why we seek to provide an environment of equal opportunities for all employees to development and create change

Social Responsibility

At Edita, we believe Social Responsibility is one of the pillars of success. It is a key factor in why employees choose our organization, having been part of our mandate to encourage and nurture the growth and wellbeing of our staff and the communities we operate.

For us, we believe our social responsibility should be more about advancing sustainability and development solutions rather than charitable deeds.

Edita Food Industries joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative, along with over 8,000 business and non-business participants in 135 countries. Launched in July 2000, the UNGC is a sustainable leadership initiative for all participant companies to align their strategies and operations with the ten principles of the Global Compact on Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption. Edita has been awarded the following certificate from the UNGC in recognition of our efforts and commitment to implementing its principles and our actions in support of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Edita’s launched its first Corporate Social Responsibility initiative was the “Stay Positive” initiative in Beni Suef, which was built on the ambitions of our team of employees seeking to make a difference.  The initiative took place in Ramadan, where Edita organized an inspiring training workshop for 100 of Al Wasta’s young men and women to share their hopes and dreams and look at how they can play a positive role in the community. After the session, the youths helped distribute Ramadan gift boxes to the families of al El Wasta, who came from small districts in large numbers for the day.

The initiative is just the start of a journey for a company that aims to develop the community and accelerate Egypt’s advancement through CSR.

Edita Success Stories

Mai Adly

Planning Manager, Supply Chain Sector

“I joined Edita in March 2010 as MRP Section Head, responsible for production materials requirement planning. In 2013, I was selected to be a team member in the SAP project that was implemented across most business functions. I learned a great deal and gained immeasurable experience during this project. In 2015, I was promoted to Planning Manager within the Supply Chain Sector, handling both production planning and materials planning. I am proud to be part of Edita, where employees are always encouraged and their development embedded into the organization, which allows for growth opportunities both vertically and horizontally.”

Karim Nassif

Sales Capability Senior Supervisor

“I joined Edita in October 2014 through the Edita Management Training Program (EMTP). EMTP was a unique experience giving exposure to different aspects of the business. The central goal of the program is to provide trainees with an overview of the organization’s operations to understand how departments work together. Using Sales Gate, I have gained significant knowledge and experience through the various tasks assigned to me inside and outside Cairo, by taking different sales roles that later helped me build a network within the company. By 2016, I was promoted to Senior Sales Capability Supervisor within the Sales Planning Team, handling Trade Development and GO TO MARKET assignments. I am proud to be part of Edita’s family and to have joined through EMTP, which inspired me to be passionate about the work I do and place perfection in the highest regard. I was supported with a clear development plan, strong career path, and well-designed training programs. I believe everyone has the opportunity to make their goals into a success story.”