Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process is comprehensive for all members of staff, seeing a candidate from their application through to a phone interview and assessment. Following this, an applicant will undergo two rounds of interviews: a personal and technical interview.


To submit an application, you must create an account on our website to access our job database.
After this, you will be able to search vacancies by field of interest or keyword, or look at a list of existing vacancies by clicking “search jobs.”
Once you find the job you want, click to fill in an application. Make sure your application is accurate and free of mistakes before you click “submit” to ensure you have the highest chances of being considered.
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Phone Interview

If your application passes the screening phase, the Talent Acquisition team will contact you for a brief phone interview to find out more about you, your current position, and your employment history before scheduling a date for the next phase of the hiring process ¬– assessment.


There are some qualifications and abilities that cannot be assessed during an interview. For that, we use an appraisal tool that assesses reasoning, IQ (shape analysis), numerical competency (problem solving), and English.
The assessment is a 45-question multiple choice test that takes about an hour to complete. To get a leg up, you can take IQ tests online for practice.

First Interview (Personal)

Edita places significant value on its human capital, which means we want to get to know every candidate before they join our team. We use this first round of interviews to see if a candidate’s personality matches up with the vacancy and whether or not they would make a good fit for our corporate culture. Candidates will sit with a Human Resources representative who will ask situational and behavioral questions to assess how they handle various situations.
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Second Interview (Technical)

The final phase of the hiring process is a technical interview that makes sure a candidate’s capabilities, qualifications, and technical background match up to the job description of the position applied for.
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