Our Strategy

Since inception, Edita’s strategic vision has been rooted in providing sustainable value to all stakeholders. This strategy has paid off by helping Edita achieve substantial growth and position itself as Egypt’s leading snack food producer. The company has taken calculated steps to navigate dislocations following Egypt’s reform program while working to supply the region with a wide variety of high quality products.

Edita strives to be successful because it is committed to contributing to the country’s economic growth. Over the past two decades, Edita has also created thousands of white- and blue-collar job opportunities and raised the bar in terms of employment standards in the snack food industry.

Edita has made a conscious effort to focus on key areas that foster a strong respect for human rights, employee well-being and operational excellence. All efforts geared towards efficiency and sustainability are closely woven into policies, procedures and approaches.

Words From Our Chairman

“In order to do right by our customers and fulfill our role as a good corporate citizen, Edita cannot ignore pressing societal issues such as corruption, climate change, and human rights. Instead, we are actively joining the effort to address these issues in order to create better world for our employees, our customers, and global society.” – Hani Berzi (Chairman)

Corporate Governance & Anti-corruption efforts

Strong corporate governance is crucial to ensuring that Edita consistently operates in an efficient and ethical manner. The company’s corporate governance framework helps to guard against corruption by providing guidelines concerning overall performance, the role and responsibility of the board of directors, the relationship between the board and executive management, risk management, corporate compliance, internal controls, communication with shareholders, and financial reporting. Edita believes that businesses should actively guard against and fight all forms of corruption, including extortion, bribery, nepotism, and other forms of unethical conduct. Honesty and transparency in operations are central to Edita’s success, and its efforts to strengthen Egypt’s private sector.

Employee Development & Safety

Edita’s people are its most valuable asset, and the company strives to acknowledge this by offering a safe and rewarding employee experience. Treating employees well, recognizing their crucial role in achievements and contributing to their continuous development stems from a desire to promote fair labor standards across Egypt.

Edita puts its employees’ well-being at the forefront of its operations. Through establishing the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) department, the company has successfully set rules and protocols that guarantee a safer work environment, and now incorporates the rigorous SHE policies into all standard procedures across its operations

Operational sustainability

Fostering sound work environments and maintaining steady levels of production counts on preserving our healthy, steady operational efficiency. Edita is extremely conscious of the importance of preparing for the future, and so all current production lines, factory upgrades and new facilities are created with this outlook in mind, making every day a day for sustainable growth.

Environmental footprint

Edita recognizes that to truly serve its customers and support Egypt’s economic growth, the company must structure its business in a way that reduces its ecological footprint and actively promotes environmental preservation.

Diversity & Inclusion

In line with its commitment to human rights, Edita actively aims to celebrate diversity and facilitate inclusion across all areas of our business. Edita believe that diversity is an asset for any company, and embracing employees’ unique experiences and perspectives can drive productivity, enhance employee satisfaction, and spur innovation. The company recruits job candidates from across Egypt and aims to fill all positions – including decision-making and management roles – with people of different backgrounds and experiences.