We turn possibilities to realities…

…and this has been the foundation of our story since our first packaged croissant. Our bar for snack foods is high; and our trifecta of the innovative, the exciting and the delicious is where we root all our sweet and savory creations. Our process works; we tinker when we see opportunity, and our consumers are right at the center of our creative journey. An innovation department was brought to life and fueled with some of the best minds and skills which the industry has to offer. With their work on research, development, testing, analysis and all that comes in between, we are able to grow and make use of every new opportunity on the horizon, all towards the ultimate goal of serving our snack-loving communities.

  • Marketing concept brief
  • R&D / engineering feasibility study; regulatory compliance
  • Supply Chain: study on the procurement and prices of ingredients
  • Prototype testing (lab-line trials) till approved
  • Product testing (sensorial / shelf life)
  • PLS / nutritional packaging
  • Line trials and product sensorial evaluation
  • Line modifications / adjustments
  • Packaging machinability trials / shipping test
  • Market research
  • Artwork development
  • Line capability
  • Evaluation of market research results
  • Final adjustments, final COGS
  • Procurement of ingredients as per sales forecast and lead times
  • Task force team for team alignment and setting launch date
  • Issue a Know-How draft, prepare for launch
  • First production is run under R&D lead, then gradually handed over to production / quality teams
  • Post-launch evaluation by sensory team

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