Edita Frozen Food

Edita Frozen Food Industries

In May 2023, Edita entered the underserved frozen bakery segment in Egypt via its newly established subsidiary, Edita Frozen Food Industries.

This strategic move followed the acquisition of Fancy Foods, which gave Edita full possession of the company’s assets, including two production lines, machinery, land, property, and distribution arm in addition to acquiring the technical expertise. In line with its strategy, the expansion allows Edita to explore new segments and leverage its knowledge in providing a diverse range of products that cater to the needs of a larger consumer base.

To begin its venture into this segment, Edita launched a series of frozen croissants and puff pastries in different flavor fillings in October 2023. With its strong business model, widespread presence, and diverse portfolio, Edita is determined to lead growth in the untapped frozen food market, creating value for both its customers and shareholders.

October 2023

Date of Launch

9 SKUs


10,609 sqm

Facility area


Production lines

Venturing into the Frozen Food Segment


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