With all the satisfaction and well-being offered by Bake Rolz, Bake Stix extends the horizon for choice as it comes in a different shape, texture and 3 unique flavors; Oriental sausages, BBQ and Cheese. It is made of 100% wheat and is considered another baked not fried salty snack.

Single-serve packs

Per 100 g
Protein g 12.77
Fats g 9.24
Carbohydrates g 67.38
Energy K Cal 403.76
Per 100 g
Protein g 12.94
Fats g 8.17
Carbohydrates g 69.31
Energy K Cal 402.53
Oriental Sausage
Per 100 g
Protein g 12.51
Fats g 8.23
Carbohydrates g 68.95
Energy K Cal 399.91

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