The first generic brand name of packed croissants in Egypt and the region, Molto was launched in 1997 to introduce the concept of packed croissants to consumers. The brand is available in multiple savory and sweet variations.


TODO is Edita’s pioneering brand and the first mover to the market. TODO is known for introducing new and innovative flavors and formats. It is “the sweet experience that keeps you going,” as the brand offers high quality desserts that are mood lifting and high in sugar giving consumers the energy they need to tackle everyday tasks.


HOHOs is Edita’s famous rolled cake and is widely considered the enjoyable energy booster for all consumers. It comes in coated and uncoated variants in several different flavors.


A brand with real value offering satisfaction, wellbeing and choice to its consumers. Bake Rolz is a baked not fried salty snack, made of 100% wheat and crunchy in every bite with a rich toasted taste. It is available in 7 flavors of the single-serve pack; Salt, Pizza, Nacho, Ketchup, Chilli & Lemon, Mix Cheese and Olives and in 6 flavors of the family-serve pack; Salt, Pizza, Ketchup, Chilli & Lemon, Mix Cheese and Olives. Most recently Bake Rolz added 3 new flavors, including Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Chilli and Butter & Herbs.


Twinkies is a spongy, filled cake and is the leader in the Egyptian filled cakes segment. It is known among consumers for its signature mix of lightness, low sugar content, light cream filling and vanilla aroma. The Twinkies brand boast a long track record of success amongst Egyptian consumer and is the loved and trusted brand by all.


With all the satisfaction and well-being offered by Bake Rolz, Bake Stix extends the horizon for choice as it comes in a different shape, texture and 3 unique flavors; Oriental sausages, BBQ and Cheese. It is made of 100% wheat and is considered another baked not fried salty snack.


The most premium and most indulging wafer product to ever hit the market. Freska is available in 16 different types with different coatings and different fillings to match all tastes.


Golden sponge cake with creamy filling decorated with raspberry jelly and coconut.


MiMiX is edita’s unique range of confectionaries. Available in three product ranges, Candy, Jello and Lollipops. With its wide variety of flavors, types, shapes, colors, and unique ingredients, Mimix adds a burst of craziness to everyday’s life.


Edita’s flagship Oniro brand marks the company’s 10th brand and Egypt’s first locally produced packaged chocolate chip cookie.


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