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Company Overview

Established in 1996, Edita is a leading Egyptian snack food producer in the Middle East and North Africa with a mission to prioritize quality and innovation. Today, Edita continues to drive successes across its cakes, bakery, rusks, wafers, candy and biscuits segments and remains committed to innovating through its top-tier in-house research and innovation department, and its state-of-the-art production facilities. Edita meets ever-growing consumer demands by continuously increasing its production capacity, expanding its distribution network, and adding to its burgeoning team of skilled individuals. Beyond its home market of Egypt, Edita has direct presence in Morocco through a joint venture with Morocco’s Dislog Group, paving the way for an overseas expansion in manufacturing, and exports its products to over 17 regional markets.

Our Purpose

We do what we do because we excel at it. Edita is a pioneer in the Egyptian snack food industry, being the first to bring croissants to the market decades ago and since expanding into six major segments both locally and regionally. We inject originality and quality into every product we create, market and deliver to our customers, who have come to associate Edita with some of the most beloved snackfood names in the industry today.


Together, spreading joy through trusted brands


Setting the benchmark of snacking with our high quality, innovative products

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