Edita Food Industries Morocco begins operating a new cake production line

Edita Food Industries launches new cake offering HOHOs Mix
October 13, 2022
Edita Food Industries Reports 3Q/9M2022 Earnings
November 14, 2022

Less than a year since the facility began operating, Edita Morocco embarks on a new chapter with promising prospects. After the successful launch of the HOHOs brand in the Moroccan market, the Board of Directors of Edita Food Industries Morocco is pleased to announce the arrival of a new range of cake products, which will be produced at the newly installed second production line at its facility in Berrechid.

The new production line, which will produce one of Edita’s flagship brands Twinkies, supports Edita’s strategy to expand its portfolio in Morocco and its goal to promote Moroccan produced products. The new range of cake products has been customized to meet the taste and expectation of consumers in Morocco.

Additional brands that appeal to the evolving tastes of Moroccan consumers will be launched in the near future. We also plan on increasing our investments over the next few years to fund further expansions.

Commenting on the new production line, Edita Chairman Eng. Hani Berzi said: “Edita Morocco continues to achieve remarkable milestones that we are immensely proud of. Despite global market challenges, the launch of HOHOs in December 2021 was a great success and the facility has far exceeded expectations in terms of volume and revenue generated in the short period since it began operating. We look forward to unlocking further growth potential in Morocco with our partner Dislog Group and are committed to increase our investments in the facility and to continue delivering new and differentiated products to strengthen our position in the market. The facility, which is our first greenfield investment outside of Egypt, has proven to be a strong foundation for our regional expansion plans.”

Mr. Moncef Belkhayat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dislog Group and Edita Morocco, further added: “We are confident that our teams will make the new production line another success story following into the footsteps of HOHOs. The perfect combination of our distribution expertise, knowledge of the Moroccan consumer as well as strong and innovative R&D are essential growth drivers in the food industry.”